A famous Brazilian singer (26) was killed in a plane crash

A famous Brazilian singer (26) was killed in a plane crash

One of the most famous Brazilian singers died in a plane crash. Marilia Mendonca, 26, was on her way to a concert in Caratinga when the device encountered problems. About twelve kilometers from its destination, the plane crashed into a wooded area.

Four others were also killed: her uncle, her producer, and two crew members. The cause of the device failure is unknown.

Initially, the Mendonca administration announced that she had survived the accident. Later it turned out that this was not true. Hours before the accident, she posted a video on Instagram in which the device can be seen.


Fans around the world are sadly reacting to the singer’s death. Brazilian footballer Neymar said on Twitter that he was shocked by the news. “I refuse to believe it, I refuse to accept it.”

Mendonça was the most listened-to artist in Brazil on Spotify in 2020. Last year, she was forced to hold a number of online concerts because she was unable to perform due to the Corona pandemic. Her live shows broke the record for the most viewed live stream on YouTube.

She won several awards with her romantic songs, including the Grammy in 2019. The singer left behind a 2-year-old son.

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