A “deceased” man rises from the dead in the Arnhem office

A "deceased" man rises from the dead in the Arnhem office

When Ewout is in the police car with the officers, they receive a tip-off that instantly makes the hairs on their neck stand up. No one has been seen in three weeks and there are flies at his windows. Ewot asks the police, “The presence of flies is not a good sign, is it?”. Someone replied, “No, absolutely not.” “We’re really looking for those kinds of reports, because 9 out of 10 times a dead person is in the house. You immediately recognize that pungent smell.”

When Ayut and the police stand in front of the house, he has to swallow hard. “I think it’s a little scary moment because you know you’re going to see something not so fun.” When they approach the house, you can already see the window full of flies. And not only that, there is also a weird smell around the house. “There’s a very strong smell coming towards you,” one agent notes. He describes it as “moldy bread that has been in the sun for a long time.” So customers have no doubts about what they will find inside. “That’s really the rotting process you can smell. You can reasonably assume that the person inside has been dead for a while.”

When they kick in the dorm door and come in, it’s a big surprise. The resident is alive and well in the home. “It’s unsettling to have a corpse smell coming from under your door while you’re still alive,” Ewott notes. “We found the master in good health,” says one of the agents. “Only leftovers from last year’s food are still here. Sir needs help, that’s obvious. There are bags full of food inside.”

Although they are happy that the man is still alive, they worry about him. So they hook him up with the neighborhood team. Coaches from this team help the man make his home livable again, and they also help him connect with the right help.

Arnhem office You can see it every Tuesday at 8:30pm on RTL 4 and you can watch the program on Videoland.

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