A confidential advisor may soon be mandatory, and small businesses want an alternative

A confidential advisor may soon be mandatory, and small businesses want an alternative


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The House of Representatives is set to debate a draft bill for the initiative soon that would require organizations to have a confidential advisor. This is not the case yet. In no event shall every employee have access to confidential internal or external counsel.

If a confidential advisor really becomes mandatory, small businesses are hoping they can jointly designate someone for the entire industry. Otherwise it is difficult for them to organize and also costly.

“It’s important for employees to turn to someone, and it’s good that a compulsory confidential counselor arrangement can be arranged with this law,” says a spokesperson for the employers’ organizations VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland.

“It is true that confidential counsel is not really possible in every company. The smaller the company, the more you know who and what it is about when someone goes to confidential counsel. That is why, as far as we are concerned, the bill should also say that it should be It is possible for small businesses to have a confidential advisor at the branch level or via an OSH provider.”

These aspiring Secret Advisers received their final day of training today:

In 2022, more people have been trained as confidential advisors

The National Association of Confidential Counselors (LVV) said earlier this month that there is more concern in the workplace for trespassing behavior as a result of public scandals. Get confidants More notices And employees talk a lot about unwanted behavior among themselves.

The intention is that the House of Representatives will debate the initiative bill of MP Grune Links Matug at the beginning of February.

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