February 1, 2023

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A blind BBC reporter beats a thief who tries to steal his phone

A blind BBC reporter beats a thief who tries to steal his phone

Twitter – Sean Daily

NOS News

Blind BBC reporter Sean Daily stopped a thief from stealing his phone yesterday. Daily said he “instinctively” jumped on the thief and managed to get his phone. The thief has escaped.

The incident occurred when Dealey was taking a break from his night shift at New Broadcasting House, London. A cyclist reached for his phone, but Dele didn’t give up easily. He jumped on the thief and managed to push him to the ground, after which he was able to retrieve his phone.

Then the journalist called the emergency number through his voice assistant. The thief continued to struggle, after which Dilly decided to let him go. Afterwards, Dilly said he was afraid of harming the robber. The journalist himself had cuts and bruises.

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When the police officers arrived, the thief was already gone. They took Dailey back to the BBC editorial office. He writes that the police will review the CCTV footage in an attempt to catch the man Scottish Sun.

Dilly believes the thief was after him due to his blindness. “The blind man picked the wrong day,” he says. In retrospect, Dilly calls his actions “stupid”, but is happy to have his phone back.

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