9to5Google: The upcoming Pixel tablet should take over the Google Nest Hub features – Voice and Vision – News

The next Google Pixel tablet may take over or replace the functionality of the current Nest Hub. For example, a Google tablet will have a docking function and the screen will automatically turn on when someone approaches.

Google announced in May New Android tablet without further details revealed, but 9to5Google reports Judging by the references in the Android code, the product becomes more than just a traditional tablet. In the code, the broker found references to a “Google Dock,” allowing a Pixel tablet to be attached to a central hub. Once connected, the tablet can be charged and may also act as a smart speaker.

Furthermore, the Android code indicates the use of ultrasound to detect the user. This feature is already on existing Nest Hubs; The distance from the user to the device is measured using the length of the reflected sound waves. This way, the Nest Hub’s display turns on automatically when the user is nearby, but it also allows the Hub to dynamically adjust the font size for the user. It is not clear if the Pixel tablet will also come with this specific functionality.

Finally, 9to5Google speculates that the Nest Hub-like look of the tablet and in the Google Health Studies app The sleep functions all point to incorporating features of the Nest Hub into the upcoming tablet. Google plans to release a Pixel tablet in 2023.

Google Pixel Tablet teaser image via Google

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