9to5Google detects references to new Fitbits, apparently without Wear OS

9to5Google found references to three new smartwatches in a Fitbit app teardown, but none of them appear to run on Wear OS 3. Fitbit says it’s working on a smartwatch with the new operating system from Samsung and Google.

9to5Google Discover References in .apk file For Fitbit Android app. These are the devices with the symbol names Hera, Rhea and Nyota. The first two will have a screen resolution of 336 x 336 pixels, which matches that of Fitbit smartwatches Sense and Versa 3. The two could therefore be rear. The third, Nyota, is said to have a screen resolution of 124 x 208 pixels, just two rows of pixels behind the same resolution as the Fitbit Luxe.

9to5Google goes on to say that the references to the three devices were found “in code relating to the software bridge that connects smartwatches to smartphones via Bluetooth.” The site’s editors argue that the Wear OS smartwatch will not need this software bridge, because this operating system has its own way of communicating with the smartphone. That’s why it won’t be about Wear OS.

Fitbit CEO James Park has been clear about this in his country Speech At Google I/O 2021: “In the future we will make smartwatches based on Wear OS.” However, none of these three models seemed to be talking about smartwatch Park at the time. Fitbit has yet to announce anything regarding the Wear OS 3 smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is still the only smartwatch on the market that runs Wear OS 3, the version of the operating system that is a new product. cooperation between Google and Samsung.

Fitbit Sensation (2020)

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