8BitDo to launch Ultimate consoles for Switch and PC in October – PC – News

8BitDo will release a new console for the Nintendo Switch and PC in October. It’s 8BitDo Ultimate, which comes with its own charging base. Like many other 8BitDo controllers, users can set the buttons as they see fit.

8BitDo comes with three different versions of final control. It comes with a wired controller, which will be the cheapest. Additionally, there is a version that only supports 2.4GHz connections via a dongle. Finally, there’s the top model that can be connected wired, via 2.4GHz and via Bluetooth. The console has a file Similar layout From the Xbox console that the manufacturer announced earlier this year.

8BitDo Ultimate has a switch that allows you to switch between a mode for Nintendo Switch and a mode for Windows 10 and 11. The controller is also suitable for gaming on iOS and Android. The dock comes with the controller. The console itself is equipped with a 1,000 mAh battery, which can be recharged via the dock. The controller can also be charged with a USB-C cable.

The console comes with Ultimate Software from 8BitDo, which allows you to adjust the console’s buttons. Using the software, users can create macros, give buttons different inputs or set dead zones for sticks. The software is available for PC, iOS and Android. Custom profiles cannot be set up on the Nintendo Switch, but already saved profiles can be migrated. A total of three profiles can be stored on 8BitDo Ultimate.

At the moment, 8BitDo Ultimate can already be ordered via the US Amazon website. There is a console that costs $70. US customers can expect the console on October 28th. A Benelux release has yet to be announced, but 8BitDo usually also markets its consoles here.

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