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8bitdo, a manufacturer of consoles for PC and consoles, has unveiled a cheaper version of its Ultimate console. It lacks certain features for a suggested retail price of $20 less than the Ultimate with a 2.4GHz connection.

the 8bitdo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller Suggested retail price is $30. For this, owners receive a wireless game console that operates at 2.4GHz and has its own dongle. Wired playback mode is also possible thanks to the USB-C port, which of course is also used for charging. There is also one for $20 Permanently wired version from the console.

Compared to “normal” Ultimate controllers, there is no charging dock. In addition, the built-in profile changer is gone and Ultimate is not supported either. This makes it possible to adjust button assignments, set macros, adjust the sensitivity of sticks and triggers, adjust vibration strength and manage profiles. Finally, the extra buttons on the back are gone and the key is not supported. However, the turbo function for quick and frequent pressing of buttons and the asymmetric function are present clatter on Windows.

Presumably, Hall effect sticks are also absent. on 8bitdos Amazon product page As for the regular Ultimate, for example, you can read that it’s on the bluetooth variant, but the same isn’t true on the Ultimate C product page. This kind of stick is a little more expensive, but it shouldn’t suffer the pointwhich Nintendo Switch is famous for, for example.

8bitdo offers the console in “Magenta Purple” and “Green Field”. The battery should last 25 hours and the controllers are compatible with Windows, Android, SteamOS and various Raspberry Pi operating systems.

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