600,000 viewers of Jochem Myjer over southern Limburg | 1 Limburg

600,000 viewers of Jochem Myjer over southern Limburg |  1 Limburg

More than 611,000 people watched the first episode of Jochem in de Wolken on Friday evening, in which Jochem Myjer shares his love of Dutch landscapes with views from the air. On Friday he flew over southern Limburg.

The comedian and almost graduating biologist began his journey among the vineyards just below Mechelen, letting the winds sail over Gol Valley.

south of France
With his boundless enthusiasm, Myjer tells about the animals that inhabit southern Limburg and its beautiful mountainous landscape. Reason enough to experience from a birder’s perspective why we, the Netherlands, can be incredibly proud of this unique nature reserve, south of France in the Netherlands, Geuldal,” he says on the programme.

Viewers on Twitter are very excited. Jochem Myjer’s unbridled enthusiasm is especially praised.

Although there are also viewers who can appreciate the pictures, but they prefer to turn off the sound.

Watch the numbers
The show has attracted 611,000 viewers and is thus the 12th most watched programme, according to Stichting KijkOnderzoek. The Masked Singer attracted nearly 2.4 million people at the start of the new season. This program was by far the most watched program on Friday night.

NOS Journaal from 20:00 (almost 1.4 million viewers) and RTL Nieuws from 19:30, with nearly 1.3 million viewers, complete the top three.

dance marathon
Jochem in de Wolken beat the advertised Grand De Dansmarathon (SBS6) by a wide margin. About 308,000 people watched it on Friday evening, just before midnight. So this program falls outside the top 25.

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