6 brand new things Android 12 brings

6 brand new things Android 12 brings

Android 12 has many new features. Obviously, Google has paid attention to making sure that this version of Android is truly an improvement. But, what are the really new features in Android?

1. Dynamische interface elements

The biggest change Android 12 brings is Material You. As we mentioned in our articleEight cool things about AndroidAs I wrote, it’s all about design. For example, Android ensures that when you replace the background image, the menus and notifications change with the same color scheme. Brand new is the automatic change of widget color by simply dragging it to another location on your wallpaper.

6 brand new things Android 12 brings

2. Scrollend screenshotten

Before you say this is already in other phones on Android: That’s right. The ability to take a screenshot while scrolling is in some cases in the Android shell of a specific phone maker (OnePlus, for example). For Android, it’s new to take a screenshot while scrolling. What arises is a screenshot that is longer than your screen. Very useful if you want to send an entire article to someone. The screenshot works in the same way, but after you press the power and volume down buttons (simultaneously), you’ll see a Record More button that lets you take a longer screenshot.

6 brand new things Android 12 brings

3. Self-filtered search

Google and search are closely related (the words mean the same thing these days), so Android 12 should have a great search feature as well. The best so far in fact, because it searches not only on the Internet, but also on your phone itself. This allows you to search for contacts, apps, and even conversations right from your home screen.

6 brand new things Android 12 brings

4. More powerful Chrome

He. She Chrome window management It becomes easier on your Android 12 smartphone once you start the split screen mode. Something that was already possible in the browser on computers, but now also on mobile. Clicking New Window will open a new Chrome window on the other half of the screen. As soon as a second Chrome window opens, the context menu is refreshed with the Manage Windows button which:

  1. Shows all active windows
  2. Indicates which window has focus
  3. Displays the title of the active tab in each window
  4. And the number of tabs open in each window
6 brand new things Android 12 brings

5. Contemporary Emoji

While the use of emojis is by no means new, we are seeing emojis for the first time in Android 12 with a new Google design. She looks a little more modern, and this is especially noticeable in the croissant, the mask-wearing smile and the snowman.

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6. Special perfection

In addition to Material You, Android 12’s second major asset is the new Privacy Dashboard. You can find it by going to “Privacy” in the “Settings” menu, then “Privacy Dashboard”. This way, you can see which permissions you have used in the past 24 hours and which apps you are using. If you don’t have Android 12 on your phone, you can This app Use as an alternative.

6 brand new things Android 12 brings

Do you want to know more about the new version of the operating system? Read our group page about Android 12. We hope to get started with Android 12 ourselves soon Google Pixel 6 ProSo, keep an eye on Androidworld for more news about the new Android 12.

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