555 thousand viewers watch the escape of Monica Josie and Iolanthe Capau in Het Yacheson | Displays

555 thousand viewers watch the escape of Monica Josie and Iolanthe Capau in Het Yacheson |  Displays

To the first episode of a new series hunting season 555,000 people watched SBS6 on Saturday night, Stichting Kijkonderzoek (SKO) reported on Sunday. Thus, the beginning of the series is slightly better watched compared to the first episode of the first season last year, when it was watched by 469 thousand people. Hunting Season was also SBS6’s top-watched program on Saturdays.

in hunting season, which has been a hit for years on the Youtube channel StukTV, and since last year was also seen on SBS6 with a TV version, the popular Dutch getaway. They are trying to stay out of the hands of the StukTV team, which consists of Thomas van der Vlogt, Stefan Görens and Gil de Winter. On SBS6, Saturday Striker is started by spin-off duo Monica Geuze and Yolanthe Cabau.

tracking hunting season Gordon started his new program What an invention on. The programme, in which people present everyday product ideas to a panel of judges, attracted 483,000 viewers. The program’s record is slightly better than The heart of the Netherlands (467,000), the channel’s top-watched program with 649,000 last week.

The program that drew the most viewers on Saturday was Once Again Even here. Just like last week, 1.7 million people tuned in to NPO 1. NOS Magazine Starting at 8 pm, also on NPO 1, it was good for 1.6 million viewers on Saturday, finishing second on the list. In third place Sort your thoughts and decide From RTL 4. 958,000 people watched the show in which celebrities dress up as drag queens. This is up slightly from last week, when it drew 881,000 viewers. They are the fourth and fifth Half past seven news from RTL 4 (940,000) and NOS Magazine from 6 p.m. (899,000).

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