5 x best supermarket cappuccino ice cream | cooking

5 x best supermarket cappuccino ice cream |  cooking

Iced coffee is a drink that the Netherlands was introduced to more than ten years ago through a famous American coffee chain. However, this iced coffee trend hasn’t surfaced lately. The story goes that in Kyoto, Japan, cold coffee was actually introduced around the year 1600.

The iced coffee we know today comes from Algeria. French colonial forces learned there around 1840 Mazagran Café It is named after the neighboring Mazagran Castle. The soldiers were served coffee drink with water, poured into tall glasses. It was a welcome relief in hot Algeria.

Thus, iced coffee reached the cafes of Paris, where it was also served in tall cups. Still known as Mazagran Café

And supermarkets have now indulged themselves in iced coffee: we counted no fewer than seven brands. Normally the percentage of Arabica coffee per drink is 19 percent, but sometimes it remains a bit ambiguous whether we’re dealing with a coffee extract or a mixture of this with real coffee beans.

Malakan, for sale at Dirk/Dekamarkt/Vomar, among others, and Milbona, Lidl’s dairy brand, underperformed. “Watery. Sewage is tastier even than this brutal,” was the harsh verdict on Milkan’s iced cappuccino. “Chemically, no coffee can be seen, more so than dirty chocolate,” they shouted.

The brands that tasted much better were Starbucks, Moreno (Aldi), Doi Egberts, Albert Hein and Jumbo.

top 5

1. It’s funny how Starbucks scored the best thanks to the predominant vanilla scent. “Wow, this drinks really well.” Some thought it was unfair: “Vanilla makes everything delicious.” 1.99 € per 220 ml

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2. In second place is Moreno, Aldi’s home brand. „Good colour, consistent and creamy taste. Good freshness.” “Nice cappuccino flavor comes later, but it’s OK.” A colleague thought it was “pancake chocolate.” €0.79 per 250ml.

3. “I finally taste coffee,” said Douwe Egberts Iced cappuccino many times. “Sharing the number one spot with Starbucks, it’s not too sweet.” 1.39 € per 230 ml

4. This week Albert Heijn had to settle for fourth, although the difference with Doi Egberts was small. “Full creamy flavour. A little sweet.” However, some spoke of a “chemical aftertaste.” 0.99 euros per 250 ml

5. With Jumbo, the top five are completed. “It looks like chocolate milk, but tastes like coffee!” “Beautiful, good to drink, basic.” 0.88 EUR per 250 ml

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