5 ideas for this feature

5 ideas for this feature

You can chat with yourself in WhatsApp these days, but why? In this article we give you inspiration.

Read on after the announcement.

Chat with yourself on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a new special feature. You can now send messages to yourself. In addition to all the group chats and chats, you can also talk to yourself. But why do you want that? It seems like an empty feature, but it’s actually quite useful.

You can message yourself by starting a new conversation and tapping yourself at the top of the contacts list. Read Learn more about this new feature.

1. Send codes and passwords between different devices

The biggest advantage of this option is that you can easily exchange something with another device. Smartphone, PC, laptop and tablet cannot always communicate with each other. Especially if they work on different operating systems. Then it is difficult, for example, to send something as simple as a link to the other device. WhatsApp is useful then.

But of course you can send more than just links. For example, you can send yourself a long code or password to enter on another device.

2. Transfer files between different devices

In addition, you can send files to yourself via WhatsApp, for example to send photos from your smartphone to your computer. Did you already know that the Bypass image compression By sending it as a document? As a result, you can simply save the image in good quality to your computer.

3. Take notes

Of course, there are a wide variety of note-taking apps available on the Play Store for all your doodling needs. But do you really need such a very separate app, if you just want to jot down something every now and then and don’t want to lose it? You’re already using WhatsApp anyway, so you might as well send yourself a message.

4. Keep a shopping list

How many times have you gone to the supermarket and forgot something? The shopping list may sound silly, but it is very useful. Tracking it down via WhatsApp is practical, because you can just message yourself all day. Once in the store, review your messages.

It might be helpful to put an emoji with these groceries, so you can easily identify items on your shopping list among other notes and messages.

5. Store ideas in chronological order

One advantage of WhatsApp compared to note apps is that all the messages you send to yourself are stored in a clear chronological order. So if you message yourself with your thoughts, you can go back in time like a diary to see how you were thinking on a particular day.

More WhatsApp tips

Although WhatsApp only works with one phone number at a time, you can open the app multiple devices at once to use. do not forget to WhatsApp is safeSo no one can read your messages.

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