5 dilemmas during a first date

5 dilemmas during a first date

If you met each other through a dating app, it can sometimes be questionable whether someone actually looks like they do in the photos. This is why it might be wise to video call each other before seeing each other. But communication can also be very uncomfortable if you don’t know each other. We advise you to do it anyway, after all, you don’t want your date to have a completely different appearance than what they pretend to be online.

You are sitting on the balcony and you can already see that your companion is walking about thirty meters away. Are you pretending you haven’t seen him yet? or is it? Or do you pretend to be busy on your phone and look busy? And vice versa, if you have already seen him waiting and you still have to walk a little towards him and you can’t help but think: don’t get stuck or do something else stupid. Either way can be uncomfortable. very dilemma!

And what do you do when the bill appears on the table? Do you allow him to pay or are you less old school and intend to pay? Or would you rather split the bill? We’ve got a tip for you: Let’s say he’s taking care of the bill and he’s having fun. Don’t be afraid and just say you’ll handle it next time. Who wouldn’t want a woman who knows what she wants? Boom, that’s how you score points.

This is a really big problem. Because what do you do when you say goodbye? Do you hug, kiss on the cheek or on the mouth? Of course this is largely about how fun it is, but the choice can still be tough. Because you probably don’t want to give it all up just yet and remain mysterious. But what if he takes this step and you don’t want to hurt him?

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The date is over and you find yourself interested in it. Are you going to text right away or do you wait before he sends something? Take the initiative and surprise him with a cute app. No you have it, yes you can have it, right?

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