3FM brawl: DJ Timur Perlin tapped announcer’s fingers during broadcast | stars

3FM brawl: DJ Timur Perlin tapped announcer's fingers during broadcast |  stars

It all begins when a listener tells Berlin that “Casper” has contacted fans of the Italian rock band Manskin, who wants to sell the secret location of an exclusive 3FM concert for a fee. It turns out that he is one of the winners, so that his data is known to the radio station and he can be called to explain his action.

But the moment Berlin picks up the receiver, station manager Shared Alice breaks in. “Oh, management is at the door. What’s going on, can’t we do this? Management doesn’t shake it,” Beren said to his listeners. “She looked at me with a contemptuous smile, but she’s crying inside. Or she’s so angry. I never have management in the studio, so you know something’s going on.”

“no stage”

Then the DJ attends his boss, who requests the script and explanation directly in the broadcast. “Some people you shouldn’t give a stage to,” Alice replies. “If we organize a very nice evening for a group of fans, who are really looking forward to it, and someone is going to try to spoil it, then I don’t think you should give them a platform on the channel.”

Even when Berlin asks again if he can’t make a phone call after all, everything remains on her feet. “No, he can do that outside of airtime.” The DJ engages his listeners: “Well, listeners, what should I do: listen to my boss, or should I call him?” The station manager has an answer to that: “You always have to listen to your boss, right?”

“for the mass”

Once again an uncomfortable situation arises. “I find this a little strange,” Berlin says, now quite agitated. “You know more than we do. I also find it difficult. You are my boss and you come into my radio studio and tell me there’s something I can’t do. On the one hand, I think ‘yes’, but on the other hand I have listeners who are also my boss. So I’m I don’t really know what to do. I’m also a little frustrated about this too, so on the show. Yeah, you’re really cheating on me now, Charade!”

“You too,” says the announcer, after which the music begins. More than fifteen minutes later, Berlin is back in the accident and decides to pick eggs for his money. “Maybe I should collect myself too.”

A 3FM spokesperson says ANNP Know that the DJ and his director made peace during the Måneskin concert. “Shared and Timor just spoke with Måneskin during 3FM Exclusive and agreed that they don’t get along. As often happens in business relationships.”

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