31-year-old Gordon Boldewijn died in a traffic accident on the way to Reeberg

31-jarige Gordon Boldewijn overleden bij verkeersongeval op weg naar Reeberg

Gordon Boldewijn – Image via DP World’s employer.

The driver of the car who in the evening of Sunday 28 November at A Traffic accident died on the road to ReebergGordon Baldwin, 31 years old. The Suriname Police Force officially announced this today. DP World posted the above photo on their Facebook page today and indicated that they were deeply shocked by Gordon’s tragic death.

After the traffic accident was reported, the Lilledorp office police visited the place to conduct an investigation. Once there, Gordon, who was trapped in the car, was pushed out of the car by passersby. The victim showed no sign of life.

Law enforcement officers found that the driver of the vehicle was driving on the aforementioned road with five passengers on board. They came from the direction of Helena Kristinaweg in the direction of Gavwig. At the public school level, Gordon, who thought he was driving at a fairly high speed, lost control of his car.

He ended up on the other side of the road, fell on the shoulder, flipped over and ended up partially in the gutter as he walked along the road. The driver and passengers were removed from the car with the help of pedestrians.

Two of the plane’s passengers were injured and were taken by ambulance to the emergency department of Paramaribo Academic Hospital. The wounded were released after medical treatment. The physical damage to the car is significant and the police have confiscated it for re-examination.

Gordon’s dead body was seized for autopsy by order of the Public Prosecution Office of Suriname. The investigation into the traffic accident has been handed over to the Central Traffic Unit. Police Reports.

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