1Password will receive passkeys for passwordless authentication in early 2023 – PC News

Been using a hardware key from YubiKey with LastPass for 2 years now and I have to say I really like it, nowadays it also supports FIDO, it takes a bit of work to set it up and then you never have to enter a password again, much more secure than messages Short and even like most two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions.

FIDO has many different ways to secure, Windows Hello among others, personally I find YubiKey to be more secure, because it is a hardware solution that you have to activate deliberately.

I have one Yubiki 5 nanopermanently in my computer, logging into Windows or an account from somewhere, installing a program, just touch a key, and you’re good to go, it can be used almost anywhere as a secure login method.
And yes, leaving a key in your computer doesn’t help against thieves, but it does help against hackers, for which I have them.
99% of Windows users use the Administrator account instead of the more secure user account with less/limited rights, since having to type a password every time is annoying, Yubikey easily solves this problem.

as a backup (And you really need it if you’ve lost a key, otherwise you won’t be able to get to anything), I have one on my keychain with NFC, which can also secure your banking app, ING supports it, for example.

They even have one with a fingerprint reader these days

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