12-year-old girl succeeds in escaping: US police find two bodies with the kidnapper

12-year-old girl succeeds in escaping: US police find two bodies with the kidnapper

Jose Paulino Pascual Reyes, 37, has been arrested and is suspected of multiple murders and kidnappings. Sheriff Jimmy Abbott announced that day Press Conference.

tied up for a week

Police received a tip Monday morning from a driver who saw the 12-year-old girl walking alone along the road. Then they set off to work and discovered that the girl had been held by bed rails for a week in a nearby home in Alabama.

She managed to free herself by gnawing at the shackles with her teeth. Visible injuries to her wrist were found indicating that she had been tied up for days.

She had to be drugged

It is also alleged that the girl was mistreated in the head and often given alcohol to remain in a drugged state. Remarkably, the girl was not reported missing. It is unclear whether the girl and the kidnapper knew each other.

After searching the home of suspect Pascual Reyes, police found two bodies in a state of decomposition. The police forensic team is still trying to identify the bodies. Newspaper New York times He writes that it will be two women. One was in his 30s and suffocated with a pillow, the other was beaten to death and then cut to pieces. He will be “young”.

Al-Sharif said during the press conference that there were also other people in the house at the time of the inspection. It remains unclear whether these were other defendants, or whether these people were also kidnapped.

She’s a hero

Sharif described the discovery as “horrific” during the press conference. “This whole situation is horrific for the girl,” he added, calling her a “hero.” “It’s safe now and we’d like to keep it that way.”

At the moment, the girl is receiving medical care, and she is said to be doing well under the current circumstances.

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