12/22 Wake-up Call: Punishment at MH17 Trial • Sports Concert at NOS

12/22 Wake-up Call: Punishment at MH17 Trial • Sports Concert at NOS

Do you hit the road? Here you will find it Abstract from work. Check file here railway timetable.

What do you expect today?

  • Today, the Public Prosecution announced the verdict of the four suspects in the MH17 trial. The request comes more than a year and nine months after the trial began. 298 people on board were killed in the disaster, including nearly two hundred Dutch.
  • The State Council makes a decision on settling claims related to the accident with Stint, in which four children died in 2018. Was taking the vehicle off the road justified? This was one of the main cost items for nurseries, schools, and the transportation manufacturer.
  • Max Verstappen, BMX rider Nick Keeman and biker Harry Lavrijsen at NOS | NOC*NSF Sportgala’s chance to win the title of Sportsman of the Year. Among the women, athlete Sivan Hasan, short tracker Suzanne Schulting and cyclist Annemic van Floten, were nominated as Female Athlete of the Year. The Sports Gala can be watched live from 8:30 pm on NPO 1 and NOS.nl.

What did you miss?

House prices in the Netherlands were for current owner-occupied homes last November 20.1 percent than in the same month last year. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics and Land Registry, this is the strongest increase in two decades.

This increase was last seen in February 2000, when the average transaction price was converted to nearly €160,000. Last month, the average price was 400,000 euros – newly built homes are not included in this calculation.

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