1/9 Wake Up Service: Kaag in Qatar • World Cup Qualifiers with Van Gaal

1/9 Wake Up Service: Kaag in Qatar • World Cup Qualifiers with Van Gaal

Do you hit the road? Here you will find it summary From traffic jams and activities. Check file here railway timetable.

What do you expect today?

  • Outgoing Minister Kag Fe Qatar In the first part of his visit to the region of Afghanistan. She will also visit Pakistan and Turkey, and will talk about bringing the Dutch and Afghans who worked for the Netherlands to safety.
  • Most of Belgium leave a number of Crown Wide. The catering industry, for example, may remain open until late before the crisis and the work-from-home advice will expire.
  • The Netherlands plays a World Cup qualifier against Norway: the first match since the team is once again led by the national coach Louis van Gal. The match starts at 8.45 pm and can be continued NOS.nl.

What did you miss?

The Texas legislature has a Controversial electoral law passedMake voting more difficult. From now on, stricter rules apply to voting by mail, polling stations may not be open for 24 hours and voting from the car is prohibited.

Republicans say they want to prevent voter fraud, but Democrats and civil rights activists believe the rules were introduced primarily to make it more difficult for Democrat supporters. For example, black voters often cannot comply with stricter identification rules.

In seventeen other states, after unsubstantiated allegations of embargo fraud by former President Trump, the election law was also amended at the initiative of his party colleagues.

Other news from the night:

  • Curfew in dark New Orleans after Hurricane Ida: The mayor of New Orleans imposed at least a one-night curfew to reduce crime after Hurricane Ida. The American city is still without electricity due to the storm and is therefore not lit. The hurricane killed at least four people, but the governor expects the number to rise.
  • Almir deletes the job title “Editor-in-Chief” after criticism from the press: Al Meer Municipality has decided not to use the title “Editor-in-Chief” for the Director of the Contact Group. The Dutch Association of Editors-in-Chief has asked Almere to delete the newspaper title, as it would be confusing if it was used by a government agency.
  • Biden: Either leave Afghanistan or escalate: In a speech at the White House, President Biden once again defended his decision to leave Afghanistan. He noted that the Taliban had established a firm foothold in the country. The choice was simple: honor the promises made by the Trump administration, or send thousands of new soldiers and start the war all over again.

Then this:

Was the summer wetter and cooler than usual? Statistically speaking, that’s not true, we just spoiled three unusually warm summers in a row, meteorologists say. “If we look at the temperatures in the last 30 years, we find that this summer was really just an average Dutch summer,” Says the weather lady at NOS, Willemine Hubert On the last day of the season.

July and August were less sunny than usual, with 620 hours of sunshine compared to an average of 640. According to Hubert, the months of the holidays were more bleak than usual. The fact that the summer temperature was above average is because the warmer month of June had not been measured before this year, which made up for the delay.

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