1.5m end: “handshake returns in two weeks”

1.5m end: ``handshake returns in two weeks''

Marielle Steele and her colleagues in Utah Government have investigated how the meter and a half rule is observed in practice. “In the beginning, people were afraid of corona and kept their distance. Later it became less dangerous.”

According to Deschamps, crisis situations like Corona can make it difficult for you to keep your distance. “People need to feel safe and connected, especially in times of crisis.”

handshake back

Experts believe that a return to normal will be very fast. Steele predicts: “In a few months, people won’t really stick to the one-and-a-half meter distance anymore.” “Things go faster between friends than work.” Deschamps believes the handshake returns within two weeks. “This was already in your system before Corona, and then I did it for a much longer time.”

They think kissing is something else. Deschamps: “Before Corona, not many people needed that kiss with their mates at the New Year’s reception or something. It would be interesting what happens to the three kisses, because of course there are also people who love it.”

It’s hard to keep a distance between you

Now there is no excuse if you don’t want to give that hand or kiss. I don’t “play by the rules” to politely avoid it. It’s hard sometimes, says Tanya Woodenberg. “Recently, a colleague insisted on shaking hands. I gave up and regretted it afterwards. When I go to a customer, I wave ‘Hi, I’m Tanya’. I don’t think it’s rude, it fits the new reality.”

GP Roos de Jong also prefers to stay away from her work. “I don’t feel like shaking hands again and when I have to approach patients for a physical exam, I always wear a face mask.”

Steele thinks it’s sometimes hard for people who want to get away from them. “The new social norm will be very similar to the old norm and then it will be difficult to depart from it.” Deschamps thinks it would be easier on the “breaks” than the corona. “Now everyone is familiar with this concept. They have now experienced that it is not a personal rejection.”

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