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Microsoft will be adding a performance rating to the Xbox app for Windows. Shows how well PC games run on users’ computers. This allows users to check if the game is running on their PC before downloading it.

Achievement Tag is currently in beta on the Xbox app and is limited to a few select games, The Verge was the first to notice. For example, supported games display a label that says “should work fine on this computer”. The label appears in many older games from Microsoft studios, including Forza Horizon 4 and the Halo games from the Master Chief Collection and Minecraft.

This does not work with all games yet. Many games show that “performance check is not yet available”. This includes more recent games such as Halo Infinite multiplayer and Forza Horizon 5. This indicates that the naming does not depend solely on the game’s system requirements; The company may be working on its database of game performance on different platforms, The Verge speculates. Microsoft itself hasn’t provided any official details about the label yet, so that has yet to be confirmed.

It is not yet known when Microsoft will allow performance naming for all users. It is already possible to test the label. Users can use a file Xbox Insider Hubapp and sign up for a “Windows Gaming” preview to access beta versions of the Xbox app for Windows.

Achievement score for Forza Horizon 4 in the Xbox app

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