What the Hunter Biden Issue Says About America’s Bad Political Game

What the Hunter Biden Issue Says About America's Bad Political Game

Regardless of the outcome, Hunter’s lawsuit is a testament to Biden and The AccusationThe trial against his father, Joe, is disturbing, he writes Robert De Witt. The crucial election battle of the coming year is marred by all sorts of lawsuits.

The Republicans’ intentions are certainly not so pure that they are in an impeachment inquiry (Accusation) starts against President Joe Biden. House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the investigation last week. A special committee — made up of Republican representatives — will investigate possible abuse of power, corruption and obstruction of justice by a Democratic president.

Shame on an investigation that turns up nothing. So one Accusation Probably in the coming months. Because Democrats hold a majority in the Senate and require a majority in both houses of Congress to remove Biden from office, that’s unlikely — if any evidence ever comes to light.

But yes, Republicans are certainly keen to damage the president as he prepares for re-election in November next year.


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