January 31, 2023

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Ukraine accuses Russians of dropping phosphorous bombs on Snake Island |  Currently

Ukraine accuses Russians of dropping phosphorous bombs on Snake Island | Currently

Ukraine accused Russia of using phosphorous bombs in the bombing of the Ukrainian Snake Island in the Black Sea.

The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army made the accusation on Telegram. Also display video clips. According to him, it is about Russian combat aircraft flying from Crimea to Snake Island and dropping phosphorous bombs.

Phosphorous bombs are incendiary bombs that spread fire by blasting. Some consider the use of bombs a war crime. Others argue that it falls into a gray area of ​​the laws of war. Under certain conditions, you are allowed to use phosphorous bombs.

Ukrainian authorities said Ukraine had recaptured Snake Island earlier this week. Russia has a different reading. This country says he left the island as a goodwill gesture. Ukraine believes that the Russians used the island to intercept radio traffic.

Snake Island is 660 meters long, 440 meters wide and has a strategic location. Ships stationed there could, for example, block access to Ukrainian ports. It was captured by the Russian army at the start of the war but abandoned on Thursday.

Uncertainty about the reason for the departure of the Russians

It is said that Ukraine expelled the Russians from the island with artillery. According to Kev, the bombings from Russia are now a clear indication that the Russians did not leave Snake Island voluntarily.

Moscow continues to deny this, claiming that Russia left so that Ukraine could export grain and other goods. The island is difficult to defend due to the lack of trees. According to experts, the Russians no longer saw any benefit on the island, because all the goals would have been achieved there, and so they let Ukraine take over.

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It is unclear why Russia bombed the island again.