Transform your Apple Watch into an Ultra for just over €100

Transform your Apple Watch into an Ultra for just over €100

With Apple Watch Ultra, you get one of the best smartwatches on the market. However, the €1,000 price tag means it’s not for everyone. Don’t worry, because those drawn to looks can switch quickly.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but when it comes to accessories, Nomad is always on the right track. With a new case called the Rugged Case, it gives your regular Apple Watch an Ultra look. And I find myself very excited about it.

Nomad turns your Apple Watch into an Ultra

Nomad has really managed to combine protection and style for years. Something you also see in the sturdy case of the Apple Watch. Armed with a price tag of just over 100 euros, the accessory turns Series 4 through Series 8 into Ultra.

Not in terms of functionality, of course, but in terms of looks. Think of it as a facelift for your old Apple Watch, with a subtle nod to the Ultra’s signature orange button. Up close, you’ll really notice the difference if you walk around with it, but even the most experienced Apple connoisseur will have to blink twice from a distance to see the difference.

What does the supplement offer you?

Nomad offers excellent protection with its Rugged Case, at least on paper. On the outside, the case is reinforced with harder steel and an HV DLC coating. The interior has a layer of TPU material for added shock resistance.

Your Apple Watch’s buttons can be swapped through the Rugged Case, in black and orange. This way you will not be bound by a certain style and will give your smartwatch the look it needs, as far as you are concerned.

Transform your Apple Watch into an Ultra for less than €100
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However, be aware that this case, like the Apple Watch Ultra itself, is a beautiful unit. With dimensions of 42 x 57 x 11mm, it may be less suitable for consumers with narrower wrists. But since the case is for Apple Watch 44mm/45mm models, that won’t be a problem very quickly.

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Nomad Rugged Band for Apple Watch

In addition to the rugged case, the Nomad also has the Rugged Band in its lineup. As far as we’re concerned, this stylish and durable watch strap will fit perfectly into the soon to be released case.

You can buy this accessory for €60, so you can complete the premium look of your Apple Watch.

The Rugged Case will appear soon in Europe, but is currently on sale in the US. during Official Website So you can actually order it, but then factor in any import costs.

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