Top 4 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 28 2023)

Top 4 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 28 2023)

Create cute beats and steal the show, or solve challenging brainteasers. You can read that and more in this edition of this week’s best Android apps and games.

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1. DJ Music Mixer

With a beautiful summer month comes great summer parties. And at the party, there is music. Are you a musician and does playing pictures sound like a thing to you? Then wait to buy a turntable right away and practice first with the DJ Music Mixer app. Here you learn the basics of spinning and mixing as a DJ.

Turn your smartphone into a two-part turntable. You choose what you want to appear here. Do you shuffle the images by hand or use a soundboard? Use music samples to put together your mix and play it back on the beat by creating loops. For that extra last part, you can easily add effects and volume.

DJ Music Mix – DJ Mix Studio

Easy Live

2. The era of evolution

Have you always been interested in the past and wondered what the world was like when modern societies interacted with ancient societies? Then Age of Evolution is the place for you. With this game, you start out as a time traveler through different moments in history, with the goal of evolving.

back from travel.  drive forward.

The game is basically a collecting and building game, in which you gradually expand your community by collecting resources, building cities, and battling opponents. The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

download The era of evolution is here.

3. Annual progress

This app does exactly what you think it does. Yearly Progress gives you an insight into how far you’ve come in the year. For example, think about how many percent of the year has already passed, or this month or this day.

annual progress

Do you have personal or professional goals this year? Then this app might push you a little more towards that goal. Hopefully this “what’s coming later” will change to “let’s do this now”. The application also offers various tools, so that you will also be reminded on your home screen of the progress that is constantly taking place.

download Annual progress here.

4. Antivine

Do you like relaxing game and challenging puzzles? Then try Antivine. In this narrative game, you and the two protagonists search for the truth by solving several brainteasers.

Antivine - Teaser Trailer

It’s nice to know that you often have to think differently than you initially expected. Make use of the second main character and use the environment wisely to pass the level. You can find the game on the Play Store. good luck!


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