Tips for your trip to the United States

Tips for your trip to the United States

With the epidemic on its way, it’s time to pull back travel plans. Need some inspiration for a trip to America? We provide you with an overview of the tips and rituals you need to arrange before departure.

A visit to the United States is a real journey of discovery on many levels. Food lovers walk through the bustling city, sunbathing on endless beaches, while music lovers listen to the sounds of western guitars reclining in their easy chairs. Or go to the mountains for detailed views and breathe in the fresh air of the redwood forest. For those who can not choose, combine all this into a classic (or less traditional) road trip.

Loose road trips

Adventure invites! With nearly four million miles of highways crossing the red desert and stretching all the way to the horizon through lofty mountain peaks and fertile wheat fields, it is almost a shame not to find this country by road. Rent a car through the lush rainforests of the Pacific Northwest or the scenic roads of New England or even better RV and travel. Some states are better for road travel than others: in the desert areas of southwestern New Mexico, Utah and Arizona, camping under the stars between drives and visiting some of the most impressive national parks, such as the Grand Canyon of Arches National Park. . Or north of the Great Lakes beaches in Minnesota and Michigan. In the summer you pick berries in the woods, and in the fall you have the opportunity to spot the northern lights. For the full experience, you take the country roads to the real villages, without missing the highway.

Tips for your trip to the United States

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Tips for your trip to the United States

Explore city life

As the United States is the birthplace of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York, the American continent is bursting with versatile cities – every metropolis, without time constraints, can find countless cultures and cuisines. Small towns add their own unique style to the vast American patchwork that emerges in all its stunning genres: Austin’s select music scene, serene atmosphere in the charming savannah, mind-blowing independent Portland and enchanting French quarterback. Jazz-beloved New Orleans. Whatever you are looking for, it’s definitely available in the US!

Make it happen

Will it be a visit Sleepless city A road trip through the Wild West or something completely different? Whatever you choose, prepare well for your trip to the US. Travelers with an EU passport who wish to stay in the United States for less than 90 days do not need a visa, but a valid passport and a ESTA USA Apply at least 72 hours before getting this electronic entry permit inside ESTA formatAn ESTA is valid for two years.

It is useful to have multiple payment methods such as cash, debit card and credit card so that you do not face surprises. Before departure, check if you can pay with your bank card outside of Europe.

If you plan to rent a car or motor home during your trip, do not forget your driver’s license. Dutch driving licenses are valid in the United States, but some rental companies also require an international driver’s license.

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