This popular smartphone is already getting Android 12 update

This popular smartphone is already getting Android 12 update

Samsung has been lately work crazy To launch Android 12, the latest operating system from Google, on its smartphones. Where S models and foldable devices were previously made available, now is the time for another popular series.

Samsung is also using its own version of Android 12 on smartphones. from across Settings -> Software Update If you want to update your smartphone, you can expect One UI 4.0 to appear on your screen.

Samsung continues to roll out Android 12

Where Samsung has been busy lately rolling out Android 12 for the flagship, another popular series has been skipped. Especially consumers with a mid-range smartphone from the company have been making themselves heard lately. Fortunately for these folks, they are being introduced by the South Korean company and should be up and running soon.

Samsung Galaxy A72
Galaxy A72 different colors. (Photo: Samsung)

via SamMobile It turns out that the first smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy A series is equipped with the update. According to informed sources, people in Russia who own the Galaxy A72 are happy to be among the first to start using One UI 4.0. This means that the update will soon be rolling out to more devices in more regions.

This is faster than expected, because the S Series was actually only in February of this year. This update was already implemented in December last year, and now it appears that Samsung Galaxy A smartphones have also been made available earlier. Nice twist for company fans.

Many devices are getting the update

Unlike Apple with iOS, Google always takes some time before all smartphones are equipped with the latest software. This is not surprising given that many devices should be equipped with Android 12 more than, say, iOS 15. Fortunately, there are more and more companies marketing software for devices in their lineup.

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This popular Samsung smartphone has Android 12

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