The world’s oldest person has passed away at the age of 118

The world's oldest person has passed away at the age of 118

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I was born in 1904, three days after the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War, the first major war of the 20th century. A few months later, the second Tour de France was held in her native France.

It’s part of what French nun Lucille Randon went through in her life. The mayor of her city of Toulon, Hubert Falco, announced on Tuesday evening, via Facebook, that she had died in her sleep in a retirement home at the age of 118.

Only three people are older

Known as Sister Andre, Randon has been the oldest known person on Earth since April of last year. She died just a month short of her 119th birthday.

It is known that only three others lived longer than Randon: also French Jeanne Calmen (122 years old), Japanese Ken Tanaka (119) and American Sarah Knauss (119).

Sister Andre

Randone was a teacher in her younger years. Only after she had reached the age of forty, near the end of World War II, did she join a religious order, after which she lived out her life as Sister André. In recent years she has been in a wheelchair and has been nearly blind. The news was released two years ago when she recovered from a corona infection, despite her advanced age.

Toulon Mayor Falco describes Randon in a Facebook post as “the doyen of humanity.” Falco: “She’s moved with the times, incredibly modern and always told me candidly what she thinks of this new century.”

With Randon’s death, 115-year-old María Branyas Moreira, who lives in Spain, becomes the world’s oldest person.

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