The Taiwanese President visited Central America and the United States

The Taiwanese President visited Central America and the United States

Officially, Tsai is making a stopover in the US en route to official visits to Central American countries. Beijing immediately reacted angrily, saying the stops in the US were a pretext to spread nationalistic propaganda.

The visit comes at a time when relations are already at an all-time low due to U.S.-Chinese disagreements over Ukraine and the recent “balloon affair” in which the U.S. accused the United States of spying on balloons. An open vein in Taiwan relations. Beijing claims the de facto independent island as part of China and strongly opposes international recognition of Taiwan as an independent country.

Tsai Ing-wen will embark on a ten-day trip from March 29 to April 7 that will take her to New York, Los Angeles and Guatemala City. En route to his official destination of Guatemala, he will pass through New York and fly to Los Angeles on the return trip, where he will arrive on April 5. It is not known who he is meeting in America. Some media reports say he will speak with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

It is not unusual for the president of Taiwan to visit the US to Latin American countries that have recognized Taiwan as an independent country. Not America, but Taiwan’s main source and arms supplier. High-level consultations often take place when the Taiwanese president makes a few ‘stops’.

Taiwan is losing more and more allies

China does not want relations with countries that recognize Taiwan. They are almost non-existent now. Both countries are lining their wallets to keep allies or steal from each other. Honduras ends ties with neighboring Guatemala and establishes ties with the People’s Republic of Taiwan. Taiwan is currently the only island state in the Caribbean, Pacific Ocean, Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, Paraguay and Vatican City to officially recognize the Republic of China.

After the Communist takeover of China in 1949, many dissidents of the Communists fled to the island, where they established what they believed to be a legitimate Chinese government. The United States had long supported that position, so it was not until 1971 that the United Nations recognized and recognized the People’s Republic. In 1950, the Netherlands was one of the first Western countries to recognize the Communist People’s Republic as a state.

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