The most beautiful cabinets from Computex 2023 – Preview

The most beautiful cabinets from Computex 2023 - Preview

At no other trade fair in the world do you see as many computer cases as you do at Computex. The number of enclosure manufacturers for your PC seemed almost endless last week in Taipei. In this article we list some of the coolest lockers we’ve seen.

Many of the new cabinets appear in both the written article and the video, but both also feature some exclusive models or manufacturers. A striking trend is the advent of “flat packs”, cans that are supplied as a set in a flat box. This saves shipping volume and is therefore good for both the environment and your wallet. The usual costs of international transportation of goods are fine for this market anyway; Regularly the asking price for a new cabinet that was actually given wasn’t too bad.

However, some manufacturers cannot help but give free rein to their imagination. Cooler Masters housings go up to 1,000 euros, and water-cooling tanks designed by EKWB and produced by In Win should push prices up to 2,000 euros. Among the more popular lockers are In Win MOD Free, which consists of modular cages that allow you to organize your locker, and Zalman Z10 DS, which has a front panel that houses a 15.6-inch laptop screen. We also ran into this concept at Hyte, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures of it, however SilverStone showed the first case designed for motherboards with connectors on the back, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI all showed up at Computex this.

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