Surveillance camera footage shows the storming of the Capitol building

Surveillance camera footage shows the storming of the Capitol building
Donald Trump supporters during the 2021 storming of the Capitol

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US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson released video footage of the storming of the Capitol building on Friday. He promised to make a total of 44,000 hours of footage recorded by surveillance cameras available to the public “in waves” in the coming months.

Pictures can be viewed at Private site . All images appearing on the site were previously shared with media channels, but can now be viewed by the public for the first time. Johnson swears that the photos do not show any state secrets or other matters that could put the country in danger.

‘Critical importance’

According to him, Johnson is now sharing the photos because “truth and transparency are crucial.” But what seems more important to him is that he pleases a group of very right-wing Republicans who have asked for it. Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was partly responsible for the downfall of former President Kevin McCarthy, had already urged McCarthy to share the photos.

The press release about the released photos explicitly states that the photos were previously shared “with Tucker Carlson and other media outlets.” Carlson, a former Fox host, received surveillance footage from McCarthy and based it on he stated, among other things, that the Capitol stormers “were mostly peaceful.” The storming of the Capitol in January 2021 led to the death of five people and the injury of more than a hundred people.

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