Stephanie calls in sick to go to the wedding: the dismissal is justified

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Stephanie from Den Bosch, who called in sick to go to her uncle’s wedding, was rightfully fired. The judge of the sub-court in Den Bosch ruled on the matter. The woman from Den Bosch did not accept that her employer Transavia wanted to dismiss her from December 1 and filed a lawsuit.

Stephanie really wanted to go to her uncle’s wedding, but her employer Transavia wouldn’t give her time off. So, after several requests, she called in sick on the wedding day and went to the party anyway.

The airline believed that such a false sick report from the controller was truly unacceptable and announced that it would terminate its contract. The company terminated her employment effective December 1, 2023. They at Transavia believed that walking away without permission could have serious consequences, such as canceled or delayed flights. “If everyone did that, we would have a big problem,” one employee said during the hearing at the end of September.

General Surgery
The woman told the court that she had not worked in May and June due to major surgery, and was still suffering psychologically from this in July, when she returned to work. The District Court judge held that there was insufficient evidence in the file and noted that the woman herself had said in a WhatsApp chat that she was doing well and was looking forward to flying as a chaser again.

According to the local court, the argument that a woman cannot be fired if she is sick is also incorrect. A person who calls in sick to go to a wedding destroys his employer’s trust.

During the hearing, the district court judge actually made an advance on the sentence: “You knew it wasn’t allowed, but you did it anyway,” he said at the time. “You didn’t behave properly.”

Transavia employees then said that trust had ended and that they did not want to work with the auditor again, because it was a bad example for all other employees. “They think they can do it all at once. If all employees did it at once, we would have a big problem,” the statement read.

Transavia may therefore fire Stefani as of December 1st. You will receive an end-of-service bonus of €8,700. The woman had demanded compensation of more than 61 thousand euros if she was dismissed from her job.

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