Steam now allows users to search by tags, developers, publishers, and franchisees

Valve has expanded Steam’s search functionality. It is now possible to search by brands, developers, publishers and franchisees. The PC Game Store’s search engine is also less sensitive to misspelled words, Valve claims.

For example, if users search for the term “dungeon crawler”, they can display a list of games containing all the games with this tag. The same applies when users search for a specific game series, or developers and publishers. Previously, it was only possible to search for games via the main Steam search bar.

Additionally, Valve says Typos or misspelled words could be handled better. If you search for “hgwart”, Hogwarts Legacy will still appear among the results, while no results were found before. Search changes apply to both the web and mobile versions of Steam.

In April, Steam released a new beta version of the Steam Client with some major additions to the game platform’s user interface. For example, the in-game overlay has been given a toolbar with many new apps and tools, including a digital notepad for the specific game that’s currently running.

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