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Sony confirms that the PlayStation 5 will only be released without a disc drive in the future. The company is showcasing a new generation of console with a narrower design, with the option to connect a separate drive. It will then be integrated into the device.

Sony A new PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of this year. This is the first time since the console’s release that a new version has been released. The new device is much thinner than the original model. Sony is talking about reducing the size by 30 percent. The device weighs 18 or 24 percent less than the previous model, depending on whether it is a digital model or a model with a disk drive.

The biggest change is the lack of a physical drive. The new PS5 no longer has this ROM and is primarily available as a digital-only version. The model comes with a storage capacity of 1 TB. However, it is possible to add a separate drive. This can then be integrated into the device so that it still has the same form factor as the previous model. The new PS5 has two USB-C ports on the front; The single USB-A port has been moved to the back.

Installation is possible in part because Sony changes the cover panels. The new PS5 has four of those panels, two of which are on either side of the device. One can be removed and replaced with a drive with an accompanying cover plate. The upper panels have a glossy appearance, and the lower models have a matte appearance.

So Sony is taking a different side as it seemed based on previous rumours. Insider Gaming sources said last year that the PS5 will be sold with a standalone drive that can be connected via USB-C. Sony says existing stock of PS5s with a built-in drive will still be sold, but only digital models will be released after that.

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The new model will be launched in November in the United States, followed “in the following months” by other countries, including Europe. The model costs €449.99 without the drive. There’s also a package that includes the drive, which is a hundred euros more expensive. Later, the drive will also be available separately in stores for 119.99 euros.

Sony is also selling a new stand to place the model vertically for €29.99. New cover plates will also be released early next year in matte black, red, blue and silver. It costs at least 54.99 euros.

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