Science out after battling Perez for B3: “Feeling better”

Sainz kapot na gevecht voor P3 met Perez: "Heb mij wel eens beter gevoeld"

Carlos Science Started racing in Miami from P2, initially seen Max Verstappen Come up with as soon as possible and then move on to the final stage Sergio Perez Put it away. A tough match for the Spaniards.

Science was devastated after the race. “Sometimes I felt better. I had more pain in my neck when I started racing after the crash on Friday, but I had to control it and get over it. Seko in the middle tires was very hard. Stay behind, but I managed.”

The tires were tricky

It was dry during the race in Miami, but it was very hard on the tires. Science also knew this because tire management was a big challenge during racing. “It’s not easy. It’s a tough race for tires because of the wind. The car moved a lot. We finally got what we deserved, it’s a great P3. We can work from here.”

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