Samsung Galaxy S23 and S21 update is now rolling out from July in NL and BE

Samsung Galaxy S23 and S21 update is now rolling out from July in NL and BE

The July update is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S23 in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. Despite the download size, the changes are limited this time around. Addendum: Also for the Galaxy S21 series, the update has now started.

Galaxy S23 and S21 updated July 2023

Last month, we had to wait a long time for Samsung’s best phone of the year — the Galaxy S23 — to get the June patch. The reason for this was obvious: the device received some major camera improvements. This month everything is smoother – but the update is also a bit more boring in terms of content.

Over 420MB download brings firmware version S91*BXXS3AWF7 to Galaxy S23, S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The package does not contain any functional or visual changes. This month’s update is a real security update. The July patch consists of 52 Android security improvements. Between them are two important fixes for Qualcomm’s chipsets — in fact, the Galaxy S23 did, too.

There are also 38 improvements to Samsung’s One UI interface and apps. Two of them improve security galaxy themesone that improves audio service, and three fixes for UWB connectivity on the S23+ and S23 Ultra.

Although the changelog for the update doesn’t explicitly mention it, we assume the update is working a little more behind the scenes. The overall package is pretty big, after all. Reportedly, the big camera update from June still contains some bugs. To be honest, we didn’t notice this in our S23 Ultra editorial – but the new firmware will still improve and improve a few things in this area.

Supplement: Firmware version G99*BXXS9EWF3 is being released on S21 series. At 280MB in size, it’s somewhat smaller than the update on the S23. So the new firmware contains the July patch, but it may contain fewer bug fixes or improvements.


The July update for the Galaxy S23 series is now available on Unbranded devices in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. if I were branded If you have a model from a provider, you may have to be patient, but sooner or later you will also receive the update.

All this more or less also applies to the Galaxy S21: Unbranded The models already have the update, and branded Devices from Vodafone not yet. Immediately branded The phone is from T-Mobile You can already download the patch. In addition, the Galaxy S21 FE will receive the update – as it is known – at a different time.

Once the update is ready for your phone, you will automatically receive a notification. Or you can check availability directly yourself, via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Do you have the update on your Galaxy S23 or S21? Will you see more changes? Have any bugs been fixed for you, or have new ones appeared? Let us know below!

(Thanks, Jan, Bjorn and Joss!)

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