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The Chinese smartphone brands of the Oga Group are said to be working on smartphones with 24GB of RAM. Although no specific companies were mentioned, the device will use ColorOS, the operating system of OPPO and OnePlus in China.

Laker writes that Weibo digital chat station. The Chinese source regularly contains accurate information about the specifications of the smartphone at an early stage. In this case, it will have information about a flagship series of smartphones where the top model gets 24GB of Lpddr5x memory. By default, the nondescript device will have 16 GB of RAM. So far, with a few exceptions, most premium smartphones have a maximum of 16GB of memory, so 24GB would be a significant step forward, although there are mediums like Android Authority I wonder what is the added value of so much extra memory.

The Oga Group consists of Chinese smartphone companies OnePlus, OPPO, and realme, all of which are part of the comprehensive technology company BKK Electronics. The two companies will work together to develop their technologies, though the exact nature of the collaboration has not been publicly disclosed. The fact that Oga and ColorOS are mentioned indicates the group of Chinese manufacturers involved, since OnePlus and OPPO use the OS at least in their home country, and as far as OPPO is concerned, even worldwide. Realme uses a modified version of ColorOS called realme UI.

By the way, different business units of OPPO and OnePlus subsidiaries have already been combined in 2021 and OPPO suddenly closed the chip design department this year. It is not clear to what extent these developments are related to the activities of the Oga group.

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