Quarantine with your blind date: This is how tough China’s policy is

Quarantine with your blind date: This is how tough China's policy is

“He talks a little like a wooden mannequin,” the woman named Wang said of her blind date. She reported the quarantine in a series of online videos, which were watched by millions of Chinese last week. “But he cooks, and I think that’s great, even if the food is mediocre.”

Wang came out dinner date At the man’s home in Zhengzhou, when local authorities suddenly announced a strict closure. Some infections were detected in the area, so no one was allowed to leave the house. Wang was locked up with her partner for several days, and shared her experiences on social media.

China has set itself the goal of completely crushing Corona. With each infection, entire neighborhoods or even cities are locked down. This really happened recently in the tourist attractions of Xi’an and in the port cities of Tianjin and Dalian. Beijing fears that alternative Omicron will disrupt the country.

Because injuries were also found in Shanghai on Thursday. Nearby stores were immediately closed, customers and employees still inside. A branch of Uniqlo clothing store went viral after sharing videos of bored customers and employees inside.

A visitor later reported that after a negative PCR test, everyone was allowed to leave after spending an entire night in the store.

Brutal politics sometimes does more than just annoyance. Last week, a woman in Xi’an city had a miscarriage after being refused admission to the local hospital. Reason: It was late in the evening, so she had nowhere to go for the corona test. She was not hospitalized and her baby died.

The hospital is closed for three months

After the public outcry over the incident, the hospital director publicly apologized. It wasn’t enough: the local authorities shut down the hospital entirely for a minimum of three months: as punishment for a fatal error in judgment.

However, these kinds of “virus-free” incidents will not prompt China to change its policy. In general, the policy is still successful. According to official figures released by China, a total of 4,636 Chinese have died due to Corona, out of a total number of infections of just over a hundred thousand.

Cruel and cruel policies

The actual numbers may be higher because not every infection was recorded at the beginning of 2020. There is currently no major outbreak in China. In those places where the corona appears, politics is sometimes harsh and ruthless, but it is also effective.

China wants to prevent the omikron variant from throwing a wrench into the works at all costs, ahead of the Beijing Winter Games. The event will start in January, and an omikron has already been discovered near the capital. However, China is confident. Leader Xi Jinping said last week that the world was now looking to China. China is ready.

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