Paul is emotional through Myrthe’s last wish in Not To Get Small

Paul is emotional through Myrthe's last wish in Not To Get Small

Myrthe receives bad news shortly after the previous episode: a scan shows her leukemia has returned and it is a pity that she can no longer be improved upon. Paul visits the hospital, but has received an important instruction from Myrthe beforehand: the conversation should be as positive as possible.

Myrthe explains that she went to the hospital for a check-up the day after the last episode. “We already knew that the immune system wasn’t growing very well, but we thought it was because of the medications. Because I take a great deal of medication that can have side effects. Then we were told that they found a bunch of abnormal cells and it turned out that this was old leukemia” .

There is no chance of recovery. “A third transplant is no longer possible,” says Myrthe emotionally. Myrthe’s mother explains to Paul that it’s very cool that Myrthe can now talk to him and his camera team so well. “She was very ill, couldn’t take us and her siblings around her anymore and had a very sick few days.”

The first discussions about the funeral have already been held. “Myrrh wants lots of color and flowers,” explains her mother. Seeing that the conversation is tiring for Mere, Paul decides to end it. “I guess I’ll see you again then, won’t I? Do you have anything else you’d like to tell me?” Myrthe then says she wants her father to ask Paul for her. He replies, “She would like you to sing a song at her funeral.”

Paul is clearly moved by the request and doesn’t have to think twice about it. “Yes, of course I do! Do you want to hear a special song?” Myrthe says she would like Paul Adele to sing. “Do you want me to sing it to you first?” he asks her. “No, I find it complicated when someone sings to me so long, so never mind that I want this with me.”

Don’t be small It can be seen every week on Tuesdays at 21.25 on NPO 1

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