On the map: the course of the war in Ukraine so far

On the map: the course of the war in Ukraine so far

More than a week ago, a war broke out in Ukraine that Europe had not seen in decades. Nuclear power plants are under fire, city wars are looming, bombed and, according to the United Nations, there are already a million refugees. we On the map, as far as it goes, last week.

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four fronts

It was a week in which the Russians made steady progress in Ukraine, especially in the south of the country. Kherson was the first major city to fall into Russian hands there. In the north near Kyiv, the Russian army is making less progress.

In this article we take you along the four main fronts of the war, which you can see on the map below.

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Caravan in Kyiv

North Kyiv was Convoy for more than 60 kilometres. It consisted of tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery, but mainly of trucks, most likely containing supplies.

The big question is: why did the convoy practically stop for days at a distance of 20 kilometers from the capital, Kyiv? Nobody knows for sure, although there are speculations. international media Male For example, possible logistical problems, poor maintenance and low morale of the Russian troops.

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Kyiv, the city itself

So far, no major siege or heavy bombardment has been imposed on Kyiv. But the city is being bombed, and residents who have not yet fled regularly hear the sirens of air raids. The former boxer and the current mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko (50), is combative: “Go home, Russians, you have nothing to do here Search

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A missile hits a government building

Last week, the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine witnessed intense bombing targeting civilian targets. Pictures From a missile on a government building in Freedom Square he went around the world. So far, the city has withstood the advance of the Russian army.

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encirclement of Mariupol

In southern Ukraine, the Russians are making relatively rapid progress. The important port city of Mariupol is still in the hands of Ukraine, but the question is for how long. The city is completely surrounded and there is heavy fighting.

Victory is here for the great Russians benefit† With the capture of Mariupol, the highway between Crimea and the unilaterally declared People’s Republics will be completely in the hands of Russia.

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Fire at a nuclear power plant

From a Russian point of view, the battle is perhaps the best on the southern front. Kherson finally fell into Russian hands during Wednesday – Ukraine’s first major city.

Vomiting at night from Thursday to Friday fight About the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, near the city of Innerhodar. A fire broke out, and there was a lot of anger about the risky fight. experts acknowledgment However, the strategic importance of the nuclear power plant, which provides about twenty percent of Ukraine’s energy needs.

For President Zelensky, the attack on the nuclear power plant was another reason for Europe to call for the creation of a no-fly zone over his country. But NATO said it did not want to do that.

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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported on Friday that the confirmed number of civilian deaths in the war in Ukraine has risen to 331. The actual figure may be much higher. On Wednesday, the Ukrainian government said 2,000 civilians had been killed in the first week of the war.

The United Nations says more than a million people are now displaced. The vast majority of refugees are now in Poland. In the Netherlands, the Council of Ministers has instructed 25 security zones to provide 1,000 places for refugees each make arrangements for

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