March 26, 2023

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New ACP reports on the behavior of the president

New ACP reports on the behavior of the president

The police union ACP has again received reports about the activities of former President Gerrit van de Kamp. These are “signs of infringing behavior,” an ACP spokesperson confirmed after a message arrived Norwegian Refugee Council

According to the spokesperson, the union is “in the guidance stage” with an outside agency about investigating the reports. According to the ACP, “this is done in consultation with all parties.” Reports have been coming in over the past few weeks. Van de Kamp explained in April after 18 years of his life down function “For health reasons”.

The NRC reports on the basis of a confidential quote that the ACP has requested Hoffmann Bedrijfsrecherche for an investigation. The newspaper wrote that the board had also received “indications” that “there may have been undesirable behavior by other members of the executive board and/or the vice president and/or director of the labor organization.”

The spokesperson emphasized that the reports were not only related to the former president. He doesn’t want to say who he is.

‘no proof’

Van de Kamp was suspended pending the first investigation, in February. He was allowed after a month backAfter investigation, no evidence of these allegations was revealed, according to the Anti-Corruption Authority.

But the director of the agency that conducted the initial investigation said the police union had not told the truth. According to the NRC, he wrote in a confidential email that “proof information” about “sexual offending behaviour” had been found. An ACP spokesperson doesn’t want to say anything about her. I will leave these statements to the researcher who made them.

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The NRC writes that there is much resentment and division within the union over how the acting board has dealt with this issue. A number of employees had joined Van de Kamp, while former board members complained about the former boss in the newspaper.

There will be a meeting of members on June 22nd. “The main topic is a new president, but the situation within the union will also be discussed,” the spokesperson says.