Microsoft is testing a split-screen feature in Edge for two tabs in one window – Computer – News

This seems like a homemade problem solver to me. Maybe I’m running late, but I’ve always found tabs relatively annoying. In the meantime I’m working with it, but if I have multiple windows I often have a new window.

With a new window this has been possible since my memory, windows 7. I’ve never had any problems with it. This is also useful because you can then quickly exchange a second window with applications other than the browser. However, this will cause both tabs to close and reappear. That in itself can also be nice in specific situations and as long as it’s still a choice of the technology you use, this extra feature is of course a welcome bonus. However, it seems like a solution to a non-existent/self-made problem to me.

Modification; By the way, window capture (start key + arrow keys) is a function I use maybe 66 times a day and the main reason I’ve preferred windows over mac for years. Especially because I was working on a 32in at the time, not taking pictures was really annoying. Having to properly pull each window was very tiring.

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