Mark Marie Hoygbrigets almost caused a heated media controversy with Gordon

Marc-Marie Huijbregts

Mark Marie Hoygbrigets nearly provoked a media brawl with Gordon. The comedian wanted to file a complaint about the SBS 6 star on yesterday’s Beau talk show, but was held back.


It’s no secret that Mark Marie Hoygbrigits and Gordon hate each other. They have criticized each other many times in the past. For example, Mark Marie has long hated the shows of Gerard Juling and Gordon: “There must be a market for it. But I doubt if their antics do any good in gay liberation.”

“Are you a fan of Gordon?”

Angela de Young was on the Beau talk show yesterday and indicated that she is a fan of Geer and Goor. Mark Marie asks her, “Are you a Gordon fan?”

Then Angela says, “Sometimes. When he makes shows with Gerard Golling, I often find it funny, but with Gordon it’s often about Gordon and I don’t see him wiping so fast on that set and letting all the glory and the light go to those guys (young) people on his new TV show. About People with Down, editor).

‘It’s a lot about him’

Then Mark Marie wants to show his annoyance at the fact that Gordon is actively seeking the attention of the Dutch press from his new hometown of Dubai.

“Is it just me or have we not talked about Gordon more than we do since he moved to Dubai? I thought he was going to Dubai and we wouldn’t hear about him again. It has a lot to do with him.”

The lover destroyed the TV moment

Beau van Erven Dorens cuts off from Marc-Marie and thus prevents a very interesting media feud. Poe: “No, but he lives there and works here. Of course we have to give him a chance, because he’s a guy with a lot of humor in his body.”

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Then Mark Marie never returned to his criticism of Gordon. Very sorry of course.

‘Very little character’

Gordon has regularly made ground beef from Mark Marie in the past. “At De Wereld Draait Door, he is successful because he contributes there – it is more difficult for him alone. Lack of character,” he said, for example.

Gordon thinks it’s a TV horror movie. “I basically just go away at Marc-Marie Huijbregts.”

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