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About that low resolution…does that really bother you that much?! I’ve been playing regularly via Stadia for a few years now, games from simple turn-based Worms to “nice” Metro Exodus and its offshoots, The Division 2, Doom Eternal etc… Honestly: latency is – periodically – m’ biggest gripe but Low resolution is not an issue for me…

And yes, I have originally played the aforementioned games on a dedicated gaming platform in HD via my Steam library. (So ​​I paid them twice in the meantime… ;  ( ) … of course there is a difference but “to be annoyed with it” … I don’t think it’s that bad … Depending on the game (like Metro Exodus) I am sometimes surprised at how smart they are to make it cloud-based and still playable in terms of response time .

“Enough to pay for”? This is hard…sometimes I think it’s not worth it myself, periods like now for example: but once or twice a month I play through Stadia (meaning I play a game anyway), that’s my Pro subscription ID. Not worth it…but wait this winter…then I’ll take everything out of it again and then ease of use will still be included in the equation: TV playing = games, no hassles with a heavy 3.8k laptop with a broken battery but only in Seat with console. It’s double… I think it’s (pro abo) expensive for what it is (still), especially considering the average, eg a sparse library… On the other hand… 600€ time for a brand new console , or 1,500 euros for a gaming laptop that is obsolete in a year and a half to two years after that and has a successor that, for me, is over, and I think that’s the value of Stadia…

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