James Dallas conquers hearts with his homemade song and dance

James Dallas conquers hearts with his homemade song and dance

The apple does not fall far from the tree, as James follows his father with self-made songs. He even dances to it.

John Dallas

He is one of the best Dutch singers, partner of Caroline Moll and father of James, Donna and Lena: Jan Dallas. He lives on Volendam Embankment with his family. Jan and Caroline are enjoying the sweetest moments with their son, James, and their daughter, Lena. These two kids melt all hearts everyday with their handsome sister faces. We really can’t get enough of it…

Artist James

Caroline and Jan share many photos and videos of the kids and every now and then we see James dancing to them. This time he even came up with his own song. The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree, because he got his love of music from his father. He is still very young, but he is already an artist. A delighted James walks through the house and sings a song with a smile on his face. “Everything is a party with this boy,” writes Caroline Mull. We immediately think so, because when you see this, you instantly become happy, right?

Such beautiful children. Enjoy it, “It’s so great to have such a happy baby around you” and “Great, he’s a real pioneer. And Lina in the background, you have such an adorable bunch of babies, is a selection of all the cute vibes.”

Source and photo: Caroline Mol’s Instagram.

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