Hamas is present in all Gaza hospitals

Hamas is present in all Gaza hospitals

The World Health Organization calls for a structural solution for seriously injured Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Of these, about 50 to 60 people have to be transferred to hospitals in Egypt every day. This was stated by the World Health Organization Representative in the Palestinian Territories, Rick Pepperkorn, in a video call with the press in Geneva.

According to Peppercorn, medical care in Gaza is currently unable to meet demand. Of the 36 hospitals, eleven are still operational and are not operating at full capacity. In addition, at most 60 percent of doctors’ offices remain open.

Before the war, the region of 2.3 million people had about 3,500 hospital beds, but now only 1,400. The WHO official, a Dutch doctor, estimates that about 5,000 beds are currently needed.

Peppercorn also said that the World Health Organization wants to establish field hospitals in Gaza. He left the door open as to whether there are indications that Israel agrees to this.

Two weeks ago, Israel asked a number of European countries to send naval ships to the coasts of Egypt and Gaza to receive the wounded. There are French, Italian and Dutch ships on their way to the region or have already arrived there.

Peter van Amelrooy

AFP – A man carries a wounded girl after an Israeli attack on Hamas fighters in the Palestinian part of Rafah, the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip.

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