‘Franc Klein for Talpa? Will make fun of himself immortal’ | presents

'Franc Klein for Talpa? Will make fun of himself immortal' | presents

Advertising media podcastThe latest AD media podcast begins with a little disclaimer or note from Angela de Jong: Hey, folks, you need to keep listening, because venom is in the tail of this podcast! Discuss director Frans Klein. Radio and commercial channel would have reported. Angela: Frans Klein for Talpa? He will make an immortal fool of himself.”

More attention to Nipkow discs winner Thomas Erdbrink, answer the question if it was a good idea for Coen Verbraak to interview the brilliant Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, the pimples from Aerdenhout skillfully placed by Jair Ferweda and of course an extended ode to radio presenter Jelle Breuer, who She died of cancer on Sunday at the age of 59.

Drama series 1985 In Angela Etalage, SBS6’s popular walking show has found its lead, Johnny De Mol is going for a ride again, but we won’t get to see that until next year – and this is for TV’s true connoisseurs and number-obsessed – media journalist Dennis Janssen has news: Number scaling will be fixed watching! And for the enthusiast: additional bonus material …

I listen! to downloads AD Media podcast, in which TV columnist Angela de Young and reporters Dennis Jansen and Mark den Blanken discuss all the major issues, ups and downs in media. The show is in the hands of Manuel Winderbos. Do you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps online? Spotify or apple? Which can! Find all of our podcasts at ad.nl/podcasts.

French little © Pronoprice / Patrick Van Emst

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