Every smartphone now has a USB-C — finally — back

Every smartphone now has a USB-C — finally — back

The main drawback is the quality of the port. I’ve never had a broken Lightning port and use it several times every day. However, the USB-C ports on my Dell laptop are already quite worn out (after two years of frugal use) and sometimes have poor connectivity. I am very afraid that soon this will also happen to iPhones. With an iPhone, you may be able to replace the connector separately, but with a Dell the connector is located on the motherboard. I expect many laptops to be written off prematurely. More e-waste instead of less.

But there are more disadvantages. Nowadays, phones no longer come with blocks. The idea is that people already have enough charging units at home and can reuse them. Regardless of the increased charging capacity of modern charging units, older charging units all have USB-A. But modern devices (Apple Watch now, iPhone soon too) come with USB-C cables. So there is an argument for being able to continue using old charging pads. I’ve recently seen people buy an Apple Watch and had to add an extra charger, even though they had a full box of USB-A blocks. More e-waste instead of less.

Now that I’m also going to be switching to USB-C (I already had an iPad Pro, and soon an iPhone 15 as well), I have to buy all new cables. I have extra cables in the car, in my backpack, suitcase, etc. So they can all be thrown in the trash and will have to be replaced with USB-C variants. And again, more e-waste rather than less.

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I don’t know where the heads of these politicians are, but in my opinion they are completely wrong. Only leave technology to companies that understand it. Reducing e-waste is a good goal, but do it in a good way, for example by requiring companies to offer updates for a longer period so that devices remain usable for longer. People who come to visit and want to charge their phones with me, just bring their own cable

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