EvdWL about The Game Awards, Starfield, GTA Radio, and Black Friday

EvdWL about The Game Awards, Starfield, GTA Radio, and Black Friday

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It’s getting progressively colder, and it’s clear that winter is pressing its nose against the windshield. But that doesn’t make us any less fun. Served hot or cold on the weekend, it’s always a welcome addition to the week. And we’ll make the transition to laziness and relaxation easier for you by rolling out a brand new version of Weekend Live Online. The one with Jelle & Koos behind the desk. There are plenty of ready-made topics they have something to say about. For example, they look at the nominees for The Game Awards, give their take on Take 2’s president’s comment that games are too cheap, discuss the new graphical update for Starfield and talk about the upcoming Black Friday. You’ll see and hear this and many other topics in our weekend live broadcast on Friday, November 17, 2023.

Black Friday is coming: what will we get?

Next Friday is Black Friday. You won’t be able to miss it. Or you’ll really have to dig deep into the basement in the near future. Starting today, you can take advantage of all kinds of great offers. Are Gilly and Kos vulnerable to such behavior? If so, do they already have something in mind? What’s the toughest purchase they’ve ever made on Black Friday?

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